About us

We've been in the game long enough to know which brands you can trust.

This is why we stock the worlds larges bicycle manufacturer, Giant Bicycles. Boasting the lightest, fastest and most proven designs available we are sure to have a bike to fit your needs. So drop by our store and see quality bikes that will go the distance with top quality performance!

When we turn on the news, we're always waiting for the sports segment. We read the paper from the back page forwards. And there's nothing we'd rather talk about than who's doing what in the cycling world! You'll see that passion in everything we do because we need to know that when you walk out the door of Giant Cairns, you're 100% satisfied.

Our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff can offer you any advice or assistance you require, striving to provide a positive customer experience every time.

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds including parents buying their child's first bike to elite level athletes at the pinnacle of their sport. With years of experience we can find the right bike for your age, experience and fitness level. All of our staff ride and are passionate about our sport.

We'll help you take your performance to the next level with the right cycling gear for you. Come and see for yourself.

When you need advice on bike fit, which bike, clothes or accessories are right for you, we've got someone who can speak from first hand experience.

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